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Jerry Horgen, St. Cloud “If you go after me, I’m coming after you,” Donald J. Trump said. Violence by Donald J. Trump works. Mitt Romney, a Republican senator from …

Letter to the Editor

Consumers have a choice Michael Willemsen, St. Cloud “Hopefully the aquifer holds.” Four little words reminded me of how dire a situation we find ourselves here in the year …

Listen up parents!

Listen up parents! Jerry Horgen, St. Cloud Kids are excited. Parents are excited. Teachers are excited. Teachers have had their going-back-to-school workshops this summer to prepare …

By Deborah Mathiowetz, Foley Do you know what a “puppy mill” looks like? Until a month ago, I thought I knew. They were sheds full of …

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One of every 4 acres in Minnesota is already owned by the state, county and federal government, yet investors and government agencies target prime agricultural land and residential areas to advance costly solar and wind energy.

Letters to the editor

In recent weeks you may have noticed, the sky is no longer blue, stars are harder to see at night and landscapes are discolored by a grayish hue. Wildfires in Canada and northern Minnesota are worse than ever, and it has real consequences for our jobs and health

Letters to the editor

After reading and re-reading the June 20 On Kulture column, “Ambition, success,” by Jakob Kounkel, I labeled it a “Kounkel gram” that gave amazing insight on his values, goals and fearless inquiry to explore a new adventure. Not afraid to praise past relationships, business ventures and friends, who he felt contributed to his success.

The communities in our region have been well served by the dedicated CentraCare clinical professionals who are vital to our communities. We’ve worked hard to attract excellent physicians and health care providers to care for our families and neighbors. Our shared passion to make lives healthier is core to our purpose, and CentraCare’s collaboration with the University of Minnesota to build a medical school campus based in St. Cloud speaks to that purpose.

A quick update on Tanner

Tanner is three weeks into his treatment. He has not experienced any real side effects yet other than being tired. He hasn’t lost his hair; I think he was worried about that happening. 

First-grade concert was a hit

On March 30, I attended a concert at Foley schools. I have great nieces who attend school there. The first grade classes had a concert. There are six first grade classes, so there were two separate …

Letter to Editor

On March 30, I attended a concert at Foley schools. I have great nieces who attend school there. The first grade classes had a concert. There are six first grade classes, so there were two separate concerts. I went to the 6 p.m. conce

Letter to the Editor

We need everyone’s help. Three more children and three more adults were killed at a private religious school March 27. We have had 13 school shootings this year alone as well as 130 mass shootings this year.  At what point do we say, “We need to make any attempt to make our schools safer for our kids?” Does that happen when those opposed to gun-related safety measures have their kids in the line of fire?

Letter to the Editor

A level 3 sex offender has moved into Benton County with very little warning. A level three sex offender, as explained by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, is someone the state deems with the highest potential to reoffend. There are a number of offenders that are listed in the county; however, Brent Christopher Rahm, released March 16 and now living in the Foley/Gilman area, is the latest to be released and is a threat to the public based on his past history.

Letter to the Editor

On March 15, my son, Tanner Brosh, was not feeling himself, so he went and had some blood work done. They told him he needed to go to the hospital in St. Cloud. He was admitted and the next day had a bone marrow biopsy.  

I had the opportunity to eat lunch in the Foley Elementary School cafeteria Feb. 9. My sweet friend, Ava, invited me to be her special guest for lunch because she was the star student for the week in …

In October 2022, 11,000 older adults in Minnesota were turned away by long-term care providers because of staffing shortages. That number is staggering.   The long-term care profession has …

There is a lot to unpack in the editor’s Jan. 3 article about gender and market value, but I will only highlight a couple of his main points. Jakob Kounkel, the Benton County News editor, …

I offer a suggestion to increase interest and readership in both newspapers.   A crime and courts section in each issue. Crime is and will be an item of great interest. Guest columnist …

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