Star Publications Letters to the Editor Policy

As of May 10, 2023

 Star Publications welcomes letters to the editors from its readership. Letters to the editor page is open to readers and can be used to provide a forum for comments on subjects of current and general interest.

Letters to its newspapers (Sauk Centre Herald, The Star Post, Sauk Rapids Herald and Benton County News) must be 350 words or less. Letters exceeding the 350-word count will be charged $0.10 per word for the number of excess words; fees must be paid prior to publishing.

All letters must be signed and include the writer’s first and last names, address and phone number. Only the writer’s name and city of residence will be published with the letter.

Star Publications reserves the right to publish. Libelous letters will not be published.

Star Publications reserves the right to edit all letters.

Opinions expressed on letters to the editor pages do not necessarily represent those of Star Publications and its staff.