New business to open on Dewey Street June 16

Culure8 to bring oxygen bar to Foley

BY Jakob Kounkel | STAFF WRITER
Posted 5/30/23

FOLEY – Some people in Foley see Dewey Street as one of the last strongholds for thriving businesses at the heart of what used to be a bustling downtown. It is a place where, for decades, excitement flourished as memories were imprinted forever at Foley Fun Days. Simultaneously, it has served as an unforgiving corridor for businesses come and gone. Katrina Scheele does not see Dewey Street as either of those things. Coming from the Twin Cities area, Scheele was mostly unaware of the heralded history of the street and the ghosts of businesses past. Now having bought what was formerly the Foley Wellness Center and the adjoined apartments upstairs, Scheele sees 401 Dewey St. as the first steps in a dream come true. Scheele bought the building in early May and plans to open her new business, Culure8, June 16. “This building was love at first sight,” Scheele said, who is now living in the upstairs portion of the building. “I didn’t know anything about Foley, but so far, I love the community. Everybody’s been so welcoming, and people come by and tell me how excited they are.” When Scheele opens the doors to customers, they can indulge in the full treatment of a package deal, starting with a 20-minute oxygen bar experience. “The oxygen bar relieves stress, headaches, hangovers, and it’s an amazing, relaxing session,” Scheele said. “It’s inhaling oxygen that has different aromas you can control, and 15 minutes in a nice, brand new massage chair.” Customers will get 15 minutes in a massage chair, inhaling oxygen while lying in a massage chair and listening to relaxing music in a secluded room.

The last five minutes of the session will be at the oxygen bar with a scalp and neck massager, complete with an energy shot and a water. Ice cream is also a part of the picture. Scheele knows how much customers enjoy the session because it is not her first time providing the experience. She worked for seven years at an oxygen bar called Oxynate at the Mall of America; it was the same business she eventually bought and turned into Culure8. Culure8 will also be an art gallery and gift shop. Though her primary work involves being on the road frequently selling fences for Home Depot, Scheele is an artist at heart. At the grand opening, she will display mostly her own art but will eventually display art from local artists as well. The name, which is pronounced “color eight,” is representative of Scheele’s love of all cultures and colors. She thought of the name when she was dreaming of owning such a store when she was 18 years old, and the name was stuck in her conscience forever. And even though the business atmosphere in Foley can be challenging, she is unconcerned about how or why so many Foley businesses have given way to the pressures of the modern economy. Scheele said her day job pays the bills, and since she lives upstairs, she said she is fortunate to be in a position where she does not need to hit a quota to keep the business afloat. “I’m going to last here because this is also my house,” Scheele said. “I’m pursuing my dream, and I don’t need a ton of money to do it. … This allows me have an art studio and chase the dream.” Even though Scheel does not yet have a concrete schedule or much of an idea of what day-to-day life is going to look like for Culure8, she is confident she made the right move not only in pursuing her dream but to be doing so in Foley. “This is my brick mansion called Culure8, and I’m so happy to be here,” Scheele said.

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