Letter to the Editor

Another reason to take pride in Foley schools


I had the opportunity to eat lunch in the Foley Elementary School cafeteria Feb. 9. My sweet friend, Ava, invited me to be her special guest for lunch because she was the star student for the week in Mrs. Arnold’s second grade classroom.  

I arrived at the school early, so I could pay for my lunch and be ready when Ava’s class came into the cafeteria. I stood back and observed an unbelievable site. The students in the cafeteria were calm, orderly and respectful. I kept observing, and I witnessed every team member offer positive words of encouragement and affirmation. Every student had positive connections with adults while eating a nutritious lunch (even kiwi and fresh veggies.) 

The team members used small red and green cones to indicate which table was available (green) and when it was time to turn voices down to a whisper (red) to be ready to be tapped on the shoulder to line up to return to class. 

I have been an educator for 45 years. I have been in countless elementary cafeterias. I have never, in all that time, seen a more peaceful lunch experience. I reached out to several team members to find out how this transformation occurred. They all assured me that this is “how we do things now.” 

Mr. Kluver was in the cafeteria and a team member asked him to come over to talk to me. I asked him if this was his innovation and he said, “This is not me. … It’s all about the amazing people you see in this room. They are the ones who implement the procedures every day.”  

Many times we read only the negative events that occur in schools. I want the Foley community to know how truly blessed we are to have such incredible team members at the Foley Elementary School. Thank you all for each seemingly small thing you do for students every day. You are making a difference.


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